About David

Let me introduce myself.


Atlanta, Georgia

Married to Kay Hardin Banks for 48 years, four children; Victoria, Jason, Christian, and Rebecca each having attended Cobb County Schools; five grandchildren three in Cobb County Public schools.

Republican – active since 1992 – worked on many campaigns including major campaigns such as Governor, State Representatives, Commissioners, and School Board members – held several support positions within the Cobb County Republican Party.

As a member of the Republican Party, I began working on campaigns, particularly former Representative Mitchell Kaye, and later as Chairman for Cobb County in the John Knox for Governor campaign. I was able to build a large base of volunteers who worked hard and devoted many hours. It was a great learning experience by getting signs out, distributing calling lists for phone banks, raising money for the campaign, and getting out the vote.

I have worked on several State and Congressional campaigns which always provided a new learning experience.

Over the years I have held several support Offices within the Party such as Membership Chairman, Precinct Chairman, District Chairman, and County Convention Credentials Chairman. I have always stressed the Republican philosophy.

Attended Tallapoosa Elementary from the 1st to the 6th grade.
Attended Ben Hill Elementary (7th grade – no middle schools at this time)

Attended Southwest High School located in Cascade Heights.
I was in the band until the 11th grade when I switched to ROTC, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Georgia State College – BBA in Management – 1968
Georgia State University – MBA in Management – 1971

I began earning money working on a milk truck at the age of nine making 50 cents a day. Later I got a paper route making 50 cents a day, seven days a week, after school. From the 7th grade and all thru high school I worked in Mundy’s Drug Store in Ben Hill. After high school, I worked that summer for a construction company and knew right away that is not the type of work I wanted to do. Later I worked for a cotton broker, Anderson Clayton, for about two years. In 1959, I was fortunate to get a job at Delta Airlines where I worked for eight years before going with Lockheed. The job at Lockheed led me to move to East Cobb County in 1969. At Lockheed I was able to get into a computer programming training program which was the foundation of what I would do the rest of my career. After Lockheed, I worked for Georgia State University where I received my MBA. In 1974 I went to work at Southern Company Services as a programmer and eventually became a Supervisor.

In 1982, I decided to work for myself, so I formed a company that supported software and sold computer hardware. As my boys got older they worked for my company doing much of the same functions as I had done over the years except at this time, networking was coming into play so they were able to branch out into other disciplines. In 2000 I worked for Accenture and retired in 2002.

Deciding that retirement was too foreign for me, I went back to work at McKesson Corporation as a Systems Analyst in 2004 until 2010.

My mother was the greatest influence in my younger life in that she insisted I go to church each week, that I go to school every day, that I make good grades, and that I join the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Scouting was a period in my life, that was very important to me and something I thoroughly enjoyed. Setting the foundation at an early stage has carried me to where I am today.

The second great influence in my life is my wife, who has a keen insight on many things that I fail to notice. Through her insistence that our family attend church, early in our marriage, made a major difference in my spiritual faith today and that of our children.

My wife has always encouraged me to achieve greater goals in my career and endeavors during our years of marriage. She has stood by me when I have stumbled and continues to be the solid rock I can depend on.

The third great influence in my life has been the people I have worked with and worked for throughout my career. I have learned management skills, how to be a good listener and to be just in my decisions. From my many clients over the years I learned the attitude that if the Customer is happy then you will prosper.

Having come from humble beginnings and being the first in my family to obtain a college degree and for many years the only one to have a MBA degree, I have seen the need to provide all students the best in education and that it be meaningful, challenging, and fun. To meet this criteria requires having the best in Teachers and Administrators.

In this 21st century, education must transform itself in order to meet the coming needs, but also to utilize the technologies, which is an array of tools, that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process. We must look beyond what we have done in the past and are doing currently, with vision for the future.

A problem we have today is where students oftentimes are better trained and more experienced in technology than their teachers. We must change this trend by evolving into ways of using technology in order to present and have the student absorb a much greater amount of knowledge, which continues to expand at a rapid rate. For instance, in my technology world who had ever heard the word computer, disk drive, video card, CRT, core memory, megabit, network, shared memory, fiber optic, broadband, routers, network hubs, copiers, digital, and many others 50 years ago. We were in the stages of typewriters, carbon paper, tape recorders, and 78 & 45-rpm records and little TV screens with 2 –3 channels.

Today we are talking in gigabytes and terabytes, world-wide internet, email, genetics, organ replacements and growth, amazing new drugs, routine heart and other organ transplants, teleconferencing, cell phones with cameras, flash cards holding gigabytes of data that you can put in your pocket, and the list goes on.

Our country has produced in the last few decades technologies that are of a tremendous use to the learning process if only we learn to use them effectively. And we can only imagine what is to come. This is why I see the need to transform the learning process, not through experimentation, but using the tools that can logically be envisioned that would enhance the learning process. We must be willing to transform the learning process, the classroom environment and structure, and re-train our teachers so that our graduates are ready to face the challenges that they will face in the real world.

For the past four years, as your Post 5 Board member, I have been able to accomplish much that has benefited Post 5 schools and the learning environment and also the District as a whole. For the next four years a major challenge will be how to maintain a level of “educational excellence” and to achieve a higher “quality of education”. I have a vision to accomplish greater opportunities for students to be successful in a global world. I tell the graduating seniors the following: “your greatness is yet to come”. Working together, this statement can become reality.

I ask for your support by voting to re-elect me as your Post 5 Board member on July 31st.