• Worked with Board Chairman Dr. John Abraham and Dr. Steven Constantino to develop a comprehensive Board Strategic Plan.
  • Strongly advocated an across-the-board salary reduction in 2009 to avoid a loss of jobs and an increase in classroom size.
  • After a six month evaluation of school calendars, I voted to adopt the Balanced Calendar for a three year evaluation.  During the first year the school system experienced the best test scoring (Post 5 schools had overall the highest scoring), a savings of over $1 million in Teacher absenteeism, a reduction in discipline issues, and a significant reduction in illnesses.
  • Led discussion with the Administration to explore teaching methods for the 21st century.


  • Led the effort, as a new School Board member, to bring the SPLOST project management in-house for better management control.
  • Worked with Board members and Superintendent to obtain funding for the Clarkdale E.S. rebuild.  The original school was destroyed during the 2009 flooding.
  • Worked with Dr. John Crooks and Superintendent Fred Sanderson to secure funding for a major rebuild of Wheeler H.S. with an emphasis of eliminating portable classrooms.
  • Supported the SPLOST Director’s recommended project acceleration Plan for SPLOST III so as to take advantage of the construction market thereby saving the school district millions in reduced cost.  Post 5 schools were recipients of this acceleration plan.
  • Elimination of the A/B classrooms at Sprayberry H.S.
  • Creation of new and expanded science classrooms at Sprayberry H.S.
  • The addition of new Performance Halls for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus at Sprayberry H.S.
  • The complete renovation of the Sprayberry H.S. Theater with a larger stage, seating, and new sound and lighting systems.
  • Replacement of HVAC systems at Mabry M.S., Shallowford Falls E.S., and Murdock E.S.
  • Many facility updates to elementary and middle schools such as painting, walk-way enclosures, tile and carpet replacement, and playground updates and replacements.
  • Major renovations at Pope H.S. with millions in savings.
  • The addition of a Culinary Building to the Pope H.S. facility.
  • Complete renovation of the Pope H.S. kitchen complex.
  • Early installation of artificial turf at Pope H.S.
  • Complete change to the traffic flow and parking for both cars and buses at Pope H.S.
  • Approval of the Board to build a new Music Performance Hall at Lassiter H.S. to seat 1,000 instead of 750 or less seating capacity.  The new Performance Hall will have the latest in sound equipment and acoustics.
  • Obtained Board approval for relocation of the Tennis courts at Lassiter H.S., replacement of existing HVAC with the latest in HVAC equipment, cafeteria expansion, new floor tiles, and complete renovation of the Administration Offices.
  • The Board approval to create a Lacrosse and Soccer field with artificial turf on the back side of Lassiter H.S.  Hopefully, these fields will be upgraded for Regional competition.
  • Made the motion for Board approval of the Simpson M.S. renovation projects which eliminated all portable classrooms with eight new science classrooms, new music Performance Hall for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus.  In addition, a new kitchen will be constructed, a new lighting and sound system for the Auditorium.
  • Voted with the Board majority to approve the rebuilding of the Mableton E.S., the purchase of land and approval to build a new Smyrna E.S.
  • Voted to rebuild the East Side E.S. (a Post 5 school) by purchasing additional land and substantially increasing the parking availability.
  • Convinced the Administration that a geothermal system should be considered at East Side E.S. as part of the rebuild. The Administration did act on the suggestion and installed a geothermal system for the heating and cooling of the school resulting in a reduction in utility cost per square foot.
  • Elimination of all portable classrooms in the current Post 5 schools.


  • Convinced the Administration I 2010 to accelerate the installation of technology equipment into the classroom with audio/visual and smart boards and smart pads.
  • Voted with the Board to purchase and install a new multi-million dollar Human Resource and Payroll system.
  • Met with the Administration to begin the exploration and direction for a transition from hardback textbooks to a digital device.
  • Along with Ms. Eagle, the Board approved the installation of Telematics on all school buses.  This software gave the bus driver better control of his environment and greatly improved communications with dispatch.
  • Assisted Representative Don Parsons in moving a Stop-Arm bill into law.  This law, which will be implemented this August, will allow for video capture when a vehicle passes a bus when the stop arm is extended and will allow a citation to be issued.