“Looming Deficits” versus “Quality Education”

Over the past three decades Cobb County and the State of Georgia as a whole has seen an explosion of growth in population. Correspondingly, with the massive increase in students our school systems have had to address the additional needs (new schools, facility upgrades, buses etc., teachers, staff and other resources) and their associated costs. Initially the funding necessary to accommodate the expanding school population explosion was insufficient and school systems had to turn to the only vehicle available, school bond referendums. …

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November 6 2012 Post Election

The election of November, 2012 has concluded and a great number of voters in Cobb County were focused not only on the Presidential contest but many of the state and local offices as well.

A hearty congratulations to our two new Cobb County Board of Education members

In Post 7 Congratulations go to Mr. Brad Wheeler a retired Cobb County School District Educator and Administrator. Mr. Wheeler won his election over his incumbent opponent by a resounding 60% margin or 24,145 votes out of …

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Superintendnet’s Proposed School Calendar

As all of us are well aware the school calendar issue has created much controversy and upheaval within our school community. Understanding there are many divergent views on how the school schedule should be structured, and in an attempt to ameliorate a potentially volatile situation, the Board of Education created a “calendar” committee. The makeup of this committee took into account all factions and groups that would be impacted through the adoption of a school calendar.

Public input was encouraged from parents, students, …

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SAT Scores for 2012

Cobb County School Board Post 5SAT scores for the Cobb County School District’s most recent graduates remain well above averages for the state of Georgia and the nation, despite a 2-point decrease from last year. Seniors in the class of 2012 posted an overall score of 1520 (combined Reading, Math and Writing totals), besting their statewide peers’ average by 68 points and the national average by 22 points.

In the SAT’s three academic areas, Cobb students’ Reading scores increased by two points, while Writing scores decreased …

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Cobb School Employees Get Back One Furlough Day

The School Board voted 5-2 to reduce the number of previously scheduled furlough days from 3 down to 2 furlough days for all school employees. This reduction resulted from significant savings in our utility costs during the 2012 school year. I believe this has sent a strong message to all school employees, that when we are able to identify available funding, a majority of this Board does and will continue to financially support our school system staff . Board members voting against …

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Calendar Committee Update

As you may know the Calendar Committee had its final meeting and has developed multiple draft calendars. The committee could not reach a final consensus on a single calendar and has presented to the Superintendent a calendar recommendation containing dual options. Dr. Hinojosa has indicated he plans to review these options and submit his final recommendation during the scheduled meetings of the Board in October.

The following are links to both the Committees recommended calendar options and the Cherokee County School calendar. The …

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Please Participate in a Worthy Cause

Ryder’s grandmother is a very close friend of ours so we ask for your support of this Rally in Ryder’s struggle against Cancer. You can make a difference.

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Wheeler To Receive STEM Certification

The following announcement was made last week by Wheeler High School Principal Dr. David Chiprany. Also thanks to Dr. Angie Delvin-Brown for her dedication to the Wheeler Magnet program and continued support.

Dear Wheeler Family:
This morning Tiffany and I met with two members of the STEM team that visited our campus on Tuesday. It is with great pride and excitement that we announce to you that we were awarded STEM Certification for our Magnet Program. This marks only the third program in the …

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Pope High School Girls Softball Dugout Dedication

A word from Pope High School Coach Chris Turco.

My name is Chris Turco and I am the head fastpitch softball coach at Pope High School. As most of you know the Pope Fastpitch softball facility went through a major upgrade this past year as a result of the county SPLOST initiative.

The Pope Varsity softball team play’s our first home game of the 2012 season on August 21st at 7:30 PM directly after our 5:55 junior varsity game. To kick off our home softball …

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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Discriminates

The unbelievable has happened. The following is from the CCSD’s Communications Director Mr. Jay Dillon on August 16th.

The Walton and Lassiter choruses have been disinvited from their annual performance with the Atlanta Symphony because, the Symphony has told them, their choruses are not diverse enough. Symphony officials informed Walton and Lassiter to either get more diverse, or find another chorus that is more diverse to join them in the performance – which would mean fewer Walton and Lassiter students could perform due to limited …

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